We find our selves mainly concerned with
Attitudes and approaches to learning
The context of the Lefkosia within the walls
Active and meaningful citizenship

Our Context
A principal concern of our project is that the outcome of learning and relations built within the learning process, are not estimated by an individual’s academic qualification alone. There is consensus in our state and society that the balance must be sought in our attitudes to learning and outcomes. An exclusively individualistic and achievement orientated notion of education is unhealthy both for the individual and society, which harbors implicit long term dangers for both, such as an over competitive approach to progress and a negation of independent thought and social responsibility. To counter this, the benefits to the well-being of both individual and community availed by broader, more varied and relevant opportunities in creative and collaborative experiences are proven, explicit and immeasurable: these will undoubtedly filter in the long term
into the fabric of society. Young people deserve the chance to balance out such individualistic and achievement driven attitudes to learning which can apply crippling pressures on their personal development and self esteem. They deserve to be supported in applying their intellect, skills, thinking and creativity towards more process based and communal outcomes. Such practice will offer them invaluable breathing space, a broader experience of learning and citizenship, as well as the sheer and simple satisfaction in exploration, creation and success as part of a team that offers something to its community.

Our project will operate in the historic heart of Lefkosia, a diverse and dynamic context of unique character. Thanks to initiatives such as the Nicosia Master Plan, this area is experiencing a significant regeneration and re evaluation of its identity, and it has proved itself fruitful as a European capital’s hub for creative, stimulating, challenging and progressive enterprises. There is now a great deal of potential for education- and culture-led regeneration; a great deal that can still take root and flourish here in ways which would enhance a more sustainable sense of community within the area, counter its relative neglect and the potential ‘sell out’ of its existing character and beauty to more commercially driven elements. Moreover, there remains a great deal to be achieved in the ways the historic centre as it is now, is acknowledged and valued by its wider
context in the capital. After suburbanization, the neglect of the area and the shift of the capital’s centre further south of the buffer zone, much of the capital’s population remains indifferent If not suspicious of the social fabric of the within the walls city. A great deal of prejudice and suspicion, particularly at the perceived ‘gheto-isation’ of the area is often directed towards this section of the capital. This attitude is a significant one in the wider society of the capital, and it is essential to address and counter it as part of a holistic educational and social progress. The life of this part of the city must be integrated into the experiences and perceptions of the wider capital.

In truth, the within the walls city where such a range of groups coexist, is a unique example of the multicultural society and potential of Cyprus as a reunified island and a member state of theEU. The people of Cyprus have a great deal to discover, offer and benefit from their membershipof the EU but we are not yet adequately trained to make the most of our European citizenship.Young people especially deserve greater exposure to the opportunities their European citizenshiphas to offer them. A new generation of better informed, more empowered, connected and activeEuropean citizens needs to be nourished. While a number of initiatives on the island are alreadystrengthening the citizen’s exposure to the EU, there is still a great deal to build towards increasedaccess, training and participation of European practices and experiences of success within arealistically diverse and multicultural community.

Our Goals are therefore centred around…
Learning and Creativity
Facilitating inspirational experiences of collaborative project-based, non-formal and creative learning by young people
Nourishing a sense of ownership and responsibility by young people over their learning process
Countering exclusively individualistic and academic appreciations of learning

Through a programme of workshops focused on developing core learning skills, participants are trained to become more aware of their capacities as learners and to develop essential skills in reflecting and building upon these capacities to enhance their self-esteem, enjoyment and success as individual learners.

Our theme based projects offer young people the space and time to develop as team players through a process of creative exploration, collaboration and project management, with experiences and outcomes that see them responding to and actively engaging with their environment and contributing to their communities.

A methodology of skills- and theme-based learning lend to the participants’ experience a sense of relevance, ownership and responsibility over their learning process. We will support young people to evaluate their experiences and nourish a motivation to progress from these endeavours with confidence into a wider local and European context.

Place and Community
To engage young people with the realities and potential of Lefkosia within the walls
To sew the seeds for more deeply rooted and sustainable social fabric in the heart of the

We aim to develop a strong sense of place and community for the projects participants by establishing a hub of creativity and exploration at the heart of the capital. Through specific themes and projects, we will support young people to become more aware, engage with and positively contribute to their context and its future.

We aim to foster a sustainable social fabric in the heart of Lefkosia by creating opportunities that will allow for the community’s existing potential and character to flourish through creativity. Our theme-based projects will serve as a focal point for varied and creative collaboration between young people, individuals and institutions in their community.

Europe and Citizenship
To enable informed, responsible and active European citizenship
To raise awareness and confident participation in young people in their EU context
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Theme based seasons will offer opportunities for project management that model EU
practices such as proposal writing and applications for funds.

We will create and sustain a pool of resources and information on EU programmes and initiatives available and relevant to young people’s interests. We will offer training and support on best approaches towards exploration, participation and progression within the context of the EU.