A team of passionate individuals, inspired by the potential of Lefkosia within the walls, and motivated to create alternative and holistic community projects that enrich both individual and society.
Each milia season is made up of a core team leading the project and a widernetwork of collaborators
currently invoved are:

Maria Papagapiou | tree planting and project management
Vasiliki Georgiou | outreach and event planner: she’ll talk anyone into interest in us!
Polymnia Tomasidou | our content & methodology gal with the magic trainer’s touch
George Sielis | creative ICT content, publicity & polymnia watch ;).
Sophie Agrotis | all things beautifully designed and crafted
Eleni Sophocleous | brings us the best carrot cake and supports our long term endeavours by having a baby!

Supporting us and into next season….

Antonis | devising International Outreach & World Domination Strategies
George Santis | Currently heading Internal Communications systems and showing the patience of a saint in talking maria
 through admin and IT stuff
Myrto Mitillou | event planning and décor lady extraordinaire
Christodoulos | outreacher and louvana waterer.
Michael |currently heading Student Outreach
Marianna Shekkeri
Gavriella Siekkeri
Katerina Hadjipieri | our voices from the ground on all things publicity & outreach related.
Peter Charalambous | wider island outreach.

Teachers: supporting in school outreach and project management support
Jackie Demetriades
Alex Soroullas
Ellada Evangelou | our resident dramateurgue
Nicholas Papachrysostomou | our resident world traveler
Joseph Varughese | our team’s coach man
Andreas Papagapiou | our accounts man
‘the momonia’ | Our fairies in charge of all things magical and future apple polishing
Maria Messaritou Papagapiou
| fairy care and project management support