Saturday 3rd November 2012 | Our final event for the travel season

The wandering apples return… now what?
A wondrous day was spent last Saturday 3rd November 2012, in our beloved venue at the heart of Nicosia, bidding farewell to the apple tree’s fabulous travel season.
Apples set up camp and settled in: playing, eating, discussing, drumming, writing, reflecting and meditating on our theme of the last months. It was the kind of day that got us feeling warm and thinking hopefully ahead for journeys to come.
Thanks to all who made it such an easyhappy day to share: Kyrpos with his unsusual Cypriot travel tales, Phedias’ poetry forum, Christina’s meditations, Ioanna’s writing prompts, Hellenique’s drums, and Chris of the bookshop all the way from his early bed in California, thank you all for transporting us once more to such wandrous spaces, memories and possibilities for journeys ahead.
Some comments on the event below by participants:
‘You are the most fruitatious apple tree i know (= every apple seems to be enjoying the warm light of all the stories around. Keep up the good work!’
‘I liked my meditation to the beach.Thank you Christina and milia mou!’
‘Really fascinated with the poetry workshop where ideas and themes diverged and converged in such a magicallly fitting way.’
‘Good community- ‘wandering’ is cultivated as a way of living.
‘ I like a lo the unsupervised nature of ‘wandering’… lets thoughts go in many different directions’
See more photos here.

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