November 2011| Faneromeni Public Toilets Apples Decor Extraordinaire!

If you go down to the loos today you’re in for a big surprise!

Yes you heard it right: our apples exclusively designed and decorated the entrance of Faneromeni’s Public Toilets and Parking on World Toilet Day Saturday 19th November 2011 .

Lizards, tigers, doves, butterflies, gnomes, pacman, ghosts, trees, apples, little alice on her swing and much much more now populate and prettify your city centre’s public toilets. Go see them, use them and treat them right good people.

Massive congratulations to master of the month Odysseas ‘the snake charmer’ and his worthy slaves Christina, Maria M, Christodoulos, Eva, NIcholas, Vasiliki & Maria P for such beautiful work and more magical moments to laugh about under our tree for seasons to come.

Many thanks to the Mayor and Municipality of Nicosia for your support and visit, and to all the lovely people of the area who came by with bemused smiles, encouragement, tea and cake. 🙂

Photos here!


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