September 2011 | Exploring the Diversity of Nicosia Within the Walls

On Sunday 11th September 2011 milia’s apples collaborated with playful experts Sara and Elina to walk the heart of the capital, make people smile, laugh and share their tales.

We walked the streets with curious minds and seedlings, spoke with wonderful people young and old from Brazil, Bangladesh, Cyprus, Romania, Israel, the Philippines and so many many more places of this magical globe.

They told us stories from their homelands, drew their flags on our maps of the city, helped us learn how to say ‘apple tree’ in as many languages you can imagine. We gave back gifts of small potted ‘louvana’ and spinach seeds, decorated with good wishes handwritten in traditional Cypriot ‘chastista’!

Folk loved this of course, and we were amazed at how rich in diversity the heart of our city is, and how easy and fun it is to learn so much: we even found a man with a parrot on his head!

Exploring diversity continues -we’ll be displaying these discoveries in our final exhibit of the season in November.

See photos of the day and more of our September larks here.


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