August 2011 | Nicosia Within the Walls

O what a magic month is August at the heart of Nicosia! Beautifully quiet with only the creek of the crickets, the steam of the heat and the chuckling of apples.

An August uniquely stimulating for the apple tree: at first we tried to venture out for more walks in the heat meeting craftsmen and artists, then we near lost our Myrto at the market place which has prompted a graphic investigation of multiple possibilities.

We then learnt the skill of staying still: under the shade of our apple tree, we’ve reveled in some truly memorable moments of summer serenity while storyboarding our tales of the city, recording its sounds, sewing our distinct little pieces of milia merchandise, perfecting our space, creating animations of our laughing all the way. See photos here.

Over the next few weeks we’re exploring the diversity of the city in true milia fashion: join us this Sunday afternoon 11th September 2011 for creative play and feasting in Phaneromeni, and watch this space for treasure hunts and more.


We’d love to see you again and wish you a happy September in person. Come! Email if you’d like more info / to join in by September 9th. 🙂

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