June 2011 | Nicosia Within the Walls: Mapping the Community

Kicking off the summer season

An apple tickling start to μηλιά’s summer season: at the NGO Festival on 28th May 2011, the apple tree found itself an unusual corner within the walls from which to start planting in the heart of the city. We surveyed visitors’ ideas for our project, asking them to paste apples on our map of the within the walls Nicosia, on which they wrote what they love about the area [orange apples] and how they’d like to see it progress [green]. Apples spoke to members of the public about their tree, enjoyed the photographic exhibition of the area and walked the city with our mentor apple Marios. We had the best of times 🙂 – the photos speak for themselves! Watch this space for an invitation to our mystifying HQ within the walls and the first of the teambuilding walkabouts exploring our most beloved heart of the city.


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