December 2010 | Sitting by the Tree

As part of our outreach campaign towards μηλιά’s first season, miliotes founda spot of temporary shelter near Kala Kathoumena in Faneromeni area, on a Saturday afternoon in December 2010.

We set up home with our tree and grannies’ chairs, and met a range of friends, old and new, who came by to say hi. We shared tea and apple cake as well as information about the project,our ideas and intentions and used questionnaires to survey perceptions andinterests in μηλιά.

With our life size version of our apple tree providing shadefrom the cold [as well as the hot wine from next door ;)], there was ample opportunity for alternative seasonal tree decoration: we dangled our wishesfor μηλιά, and passers by made their own little milia logo bookmarks outmilia’s of pretty scraps.

For more photos, and samples of Bookmarks and Wishes made click here.


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